Author: Jerico

  • Structure how to study for SAA

    I have joined r/AWSCertifications/ to see how other people are preparing and passing AWS certification exams. Common theme I’ve seen are: I’m still on/off with my SAA progress. Mainly because my days are filled where I don’t have time for exploration. Easy to dismiss my training for SAA. I’ve been spending more time on my…

  • Increasing EBS volume and have the change reflect in EC2 instance

    One of our servers have a Price: Extending:

  • Resuming with SAA-C03

    I purchased the practice exam at Tutorial’s Dojo today. I’m taking it as part of my plan to get AWS SAA certified. My plan is take the practice test as the base line, then review from there.

  • Started with ACG – Cloud Practitioner Course

    Part of my PDP is to take AWS Certifications. I’m starting with the most basic one just to have an idea what’s the process of taking a certification. I know most of the concepts already. It’s more of learning AWS-specific services and terminology. I’m breezing through it in 2x speed. I don’t think I’m missing…