Don’t end the week with nothing

I’m starting a personal weekly goal of producing something I can show. The idea is based on Patrick McKenzie’s advice with the same title. Ever since I read it a few years back, it stuck with me.

His advice boils down to: Don’t end the week with nothing. Prefer to work on things you can show. Ship it and intentionally seek feedback.

A week seems the sweet spot with the way I operate. Shorter time means there will be too much pressure and I’ll just abandon it after a few days. Longer time means the project will be dragging. With a week, I can catch up if I miss a few days on not working on something at all, but with the right amount of urgency.

What should I work on? What qualifies a work that I can show here?

Ideally, I want to work on things that utilizes my accumulated capital. Something that demonstrates value I can provide.

However I’m sure that it will not always be the case every week. I can work on things that enriches my life in any way. Be it writing a helpful blog I can reference in the future and publishing it.

At the very least, I can work on anything I want as long I have a concrete valuable output to show. Just don’t end the week with nothing.

This page will act an index what I have to show every week.

Week 08: Personal Dashboard

Week 09: Julie’s Contract Maker

Week 10: Homebridge integration with Broadlink

Week 11: THTF Facebook Bot

Week 12: ERPNext implementation at CLP

Week 13:

Week 14:

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