Maybe I’m Wrong

Whenever I’m being too sure, naiisip ko na baka ang sarado ng utak ko para hindi i-consider and iba pang bagay.

May nag-sabi sa akin na I lack conviction daw. Dahil yata lagi akong may duda. Siguro nga, pero ok lang.

Kailangan ko kasi ng insecurities para meron akong something to improve on.

Pag dumating na ako sa point na sobrang sigurado na ako, sign na yun ng stagnation.

When you’re green daw you grow, when you’re ripe you rot.

Ewan ko lang.

Written in May 1, 2012

Nakakabobo Magalit

Mabilis ako magalit. Mabilis din naman mawala. For a long time I considered it helpless. Ganun talaga ako e.

But we are born blank-slate daw. Meaning, I wasn’t born short-tempered. Therefore it’s still possible to change.

That made me look back on occasions I got really mad. Naalala ko there’s always regret whenever I burst out and say/do the most stupid things.

I recognized the pattern: Galit › Stupidness › Regret.

Kaya tuwing nagagalit ako inaalala ko na nagiging bobo ako. Tuwing hindi ako galit inaalala ko na nakakabobo magalit.

Written in March 28, 2012

Exactly knowing where to tap

There is a very old story, often told to fill time during training courses, involving a man trying to fix his broken boiler. Despite his best efforts over many months, he simply can’t mend it. Eventually, he gives up and decides to call in an expert. The engineer arrives, gives one gentle tap on the side of the boiler, and stands back as it springs to life. The engineer presents the man with a bill, and the man argues that he should pay only a small fee as the job took the engineer only a few moments. The engineer quietly explains that the man is not paying for the time he took to tap the boiler but rather the years of experience involved in knowing exactly where to tap.Excerpt From: Richard Wiseman. “59 Seconds”

The Invisible Hand

Individuals’ efforts to pursue their own interest may frequently benefit society more than if their actions were directly intending to benefit society —Adam Smith


Merong yatang dalawang bagay na unlimited

  1. Gusto
  2. Excuses

Madami akong gusto pero konti lang ang gustong gusto ko, to the point na excuses are invalidated. 

I think excuses are necessarily unlimited too, to filter out what we want to what we really really want.

Para ang makakakuha lang yung mga taong gagawin lahat para makuha yung gusto nila.

Written in December 27, 2013

Take time to not lose time

I always say, ‘Look, I’d rather you take an extra minute or two and slow up service to get it right.’ Because the one minute behind you are now is going to become six minutes behind because we’re going to have to redo the plate. — For A More Ordered Life, Organize Like A Chef

One of the things that seems counterintuitive is not to rush things especially if you need to rush things.

Rushing leads to low-quality, compromised work that may take you more time in other, not-obvious ways.

Relaxed approach when coding

To conclude, programmers work at night because it doesn’t impose a time limit on when you have to stop working, which gives you a more relaxed approach, your brain doesn’t keep looking for distractions and a bright screen keeps you awake. — Maker’s Time

I code better when I’m relaxed. When there’s too much to think and worry about, I just can’t function properly. Most of my background processing are spent on worrying.

Note to self: have enough time to play around while coding. That way, you enjoy the actual work.


I did not know how to do it right, so first I did it wrong.

One thing that prevents me from doing a lot of things is the fear of being wrong.

Much more worse than doing something wrong is not doing it at all.

Hindi obvious sa akin to dati: being wrong is a really good form of feedback.

Kasi it hurts. Ngayon I try to use that feeling as a cue na I need to change something.

Feedbacks are key things in getting better.

Don’t pressure yourself to do it “right” the first time. If you got it wrong, celebrate! Because now you’ve got something specific to improve on.


Mahalaga pala matuto mag overlook. Of flaws and superficialities, and of things that doesn’t really matter (right now or ever).

It frees the mind for more important things.

Learning to ask

One thing I learned from Julie is learning how to ask.

I usually over think when I’m about to ask for an extra ketchup or a raise. It doesn’t matter which. I just… over think.

I got from her that it’s just a freaking question and people can just say no if they don’t want to.

Don’t make it such a big deal.

Making it a big deal: This is another thing I need to address. Since I spend a lot of energy before asking, I get offended by those who say no to me. Rejection is something I dread hearing. This one of the reasons why I’m afraid to ask in the first place.

Rejection is fine, don’t make it such a big deal. You can just go ask somebody else. Life doesn’t end on rejection. If you can’t go straight ahead, go find a workaround.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.