Enable backup using Amazon S3 in WHM

Backup to Amazon S3 using WHM is natively supported. However, I ran into trouble that the AWS keys I setup isn’t working. It turns out that my bucket has to have no period in its name otherwise it will fail because of an SSL error.

To configure automatic backup from WHM to Amazon S3:

Create an S3 bucket and get AWS credentials

  1. Go to AWS S3 Console
  2. Create a new bucket – make sure the bucket name has no period in its name
  3. Click your account name on the top right to show a dropdown menu
  4. Select My Security Credentials
  5. Click Access Keys
  6. Click Create New Access Key
  7. Keep this window open because we need to get the keys later

Setting up Amazon S3 as a new backup destination

  1. Login in WHM admin page
  2. Click Backup Configuration in the sidebar
  3. In Additional Destinations, select Amazon S3
  4. Click Create new destination
  5. Fill-in destination name – the name you want for this destination e.g. Jerico’s S3
  6. Fill-in the bucket name you created earlier
  7. Paste Access Key ID and Secret Access Key from AWS S3 Console
  8. Set Timeout to 300
  9. Click Save and Validate Destination

If everything goes well, you now have an S3 destination for your backups. You can start configuring how and when you want your backups to run.

To start the backup, you need to SSH in to your server and run /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup


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