I built Julie a Contract Maker

Every time Julie create contracts for her clients, she always complains. It’s one of the things she isn’t looking forward to do in her business. She have this Adobe Illustrator file she manually edits for every client. Even computation itself is manual work.

Her process looks like:

  1. Look for her laptop
  2. Look for laptop’s charger because it’s been a few days before she last used it 😄
  3. Open her Adobe Illustrator file
  4. Dig in client details. Is it in Facebook Messenger, Viber, email?
  5. Add client details
  6. Add payment terms
  7. Save to Dropbox
  8. Send to client for signing

All this takes her around 10-15 minutes per contract. At the end of it sumasakit daw ulo niya.

At one point I told her I make her a “contract maker” for her phone. She will only have to put in client details, then it will produce a PDF based on her AI template.

This video is our initial MVP (minimum viable product).

This removed half the steps of her current process. This also removed the need to have her laptop around to create contracts. Less friction to do as soon as her clients paid the down payment, with all the wedding details still fresh from their conversation. Computation and breakdown of payment terms are done automatically.

She tried it on an actual client who followed up her contract. It took her less than 5 minutes to do. Most of all, she doesn’t get headache doing it anymore. 🙂

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