OLT Replacement: HA7302CST

I spent most of today researching what should I replace my broken OLT.

My two criteria are:

  1. It should have warranty
  2. I should be able to easily/quickly purchase a replacement

I found two options:

1. HSGQ E04i

It’s around the same price as my original OLT with included 9dbm PON modules. It’s from a local distributor. It can be shipped the next day too!

However, when I got my original OLT. I realized, I don’t need all the features it has. It’s overkill for my use case of providing internet for 4 houses. The cost is too expensive, especially if I’m providing internet to more houses and I have to replace it quickly (buy another unit rather than wait for the fix).

Since I’m getting a second chance on evaluating my options, I researched some more.

More details about the product.

2. HiOSO HA7302CST

This OLT has less features and less powerful than the original OLT I got. But it’s cheaper! Since I realized I need (way) less capacity that what I originally got, this seemed like the right fit.

I settled for this unit.

Fast shipping

I originally ordered this item from a store in China. Estimated delivery date was Jan 3 (almost a week). I cancelled my order after it hasn’t been packed for a day because it didn’t meet my second criteria of being able to replace it quickly.

I found a local distributor that has next day shipping. Their chat support was responsive with my questions too. I ordered today (Dec 28), and I got an update that it will be delivered tomorrow.

Shipping updates.

Local Distributor Warranty

The distributor provides 6 months warranty. The brand is a known in the local fiber community. I will be able to ask for support if I got stuck on an issue.

The price is 11k cheaper than my original OLT. I can buy another one if this fails and get my replacement unit right away.

More Resources

One issue I had with my original OLT is I could not find resources such as manual or firmware from simply searching the net. The product is white-labelled. Searching the product code only yields more product listing.

This is a similar case with this unit. However, since this is from OEM, I can reach out to their sales team to get things that I need.

I already reached out to HiOSO and I got the manual and firmware updates to have a better idea on how to configure this. This is a much nicer experience than being blindsided by lack of resources when things don’t work as expected.

These reasons give my peace of mind to actually offer internet to my neighborhood.






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