Installed fiber to a new customer in under an hour

Na-offer ng Tita ko yung shared internet sa neighbor niya. He was following up every day kailan pwede makabit.

This morning, inaantok lang ako at nagpoprocrastinate. I decided I’d rather do some physical activity and went ahead and install the fiber line to his house.

Madali lang naman kasi kahilera lang ng bahay ni Tita. 3 houses away.

Someone at the tree tying the fiber cable

Ang naging problema ko lang yung pag sabit ng fiber cable. Buti may mga tao siya na willing to help. Nag zip-tie lang kami sa existing lines and it blended lang sa ibang lines sa poste.

Installing the fiber line was the hardest part.

Splicing took around 3 mins per end.

I’m somewhat proud of my clean installation

Then setting up yung ONU, probably 5 mins.

Over all it was less than an hour, and it was fun.

Wala pa sana akong balak magpabayad. Testing muna ng 1 week, pero Kuya insisted and handed me over P500.00. First official kita ko sa hobby na to haha.






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