Path to become a formal ISP

I stumbled upon a profile in Facebook and saw na meron siyang ISP: Inc.

It looks to be formally registered at mukang may leased line siya from PT&T. Checking PT&T’s website, it looks like they provide a leased line for Php 20,000.00 per month. Which is much more reasonable than PLDT’s iGate na around Php 60,000.00 per month.

Na-rabbit hole naman ako about PT&T. Ang alam ko kasi major player sila noon kasabayan ng PLDT. So, they are operating at a net loss for a couple of years pero may bago silang investment partners to expand. They have a revenue of 400M per year. Na-curious lang ako if sustainable if I get a leased line from them, at kung eager ba sila for a new customer (meaning mas madali process).

I signed up to check kung available sila sa area ko.

I also checked competing companies. Yung Streamtech also has enterprise plan at mas malapit headquarters nila sa area ko.

It’s inspiring to see someone else pursuing yung dream hobby ko na maging legit ISP haha.






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