Getting own ASN and IP


I’ve been curious on getting my own ASN and IP address.

The process is to register and buy in your region’s internet registry. In my case, it’s APNIC. APNIC is more strict than other registries in terms of registration and fees.

At the very minimum, I need 500 AUD registration fee and 1180 annual fee to keep a /24 IPv4. Which is more than the money I want to spend. On top of the fees, it looks like only a business entity can register, which I don’t have.


Is it possible for an individual to get his own ASN?

Browsing ASNs from the Philippines, I saw two curious ASN number that looks to be registered under an individuals name: AS200866 and AS200879.

Both are registered under RIPE which has a more lenient registration process and provides free IPv6 allocations.

I’ll go through the registration process and see how it turns out.

Maybe I could get my own ASN too.


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