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  • Segfault on emulated NVME as SSD Cache

    I had an idea to emulate an NVME and try to use it as cache in Synology DSM. I get to a point where it tried to mount the cache, then I get a segfault.

  • Emulate NVME drive in Proxmox

    Proxmox does not yet support adding NVME drives using the web interface. It has to be added using a custom args for QEMU. To do so, open the VM config file in a text editor vi /etc/pve/qemu-server/100.conf file is the location of the image in the hard drive. Since I’m using ZFS, it is in…

  • Fixing Synology DSM Crashed Volume

    One of my DSM virtual instance had a crashed volume. A crashed volume doesn’t necessarily mean lost data. It crashed for some reason and DSM suggests you to copy your data elsewhere before it becomes worst. However, my instance is a virtual machine using a network block storage device that has it’s own protection built-in.…