Switching to WordPress Multisite

One of the reasons why I don’t publish regularly is I pre-judge what I write if it’s publish-worthy.

At Human Made, we use a WordPress Multisite. Each area/interest of the organization has it’s own site. This fits nicely with my internal structure. I have multiple interest with varying degrees, and only work on those interests only when I feel like working on it.

What I did is convert this personal site to a multisite too and started creating sites for topics I’ve been putting my energy on. This removes the hesitation if it’s worth posting since it will be in it’s own little space. I can be as technical as I need to be. The audience is my future self, and probably my kids if they also happen to stumble on the same interest.

One topic I’ve been spending a lot of time on recently is FTTH. Here’s an example post of installing NAP box for my ODM: https://www.jericoaragon.com/fiber/2022/12/20/installing-my-first-nap-and-two-clients/

My plan is to document my progress using posts and compile elaborate knowledge base using pages.

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