Two-month break of taking new projects

I’m taking a two-month break of taking in new projects. Not out of burnout, but out of desire to try a different direction. I have this itch of starting something of my own initiative. This is especially hard for me because I’m not a visionary. I’m more of the person someone would trust executing a vision.

Timing also feels right as I’m turning 30 in two months. This is the kind gift I want to give myself before starting my next decade.

My focus for the next few weeks

  • This website
    • Create structure/framework/process that makes it real easy for me to publish and share
  • Create a habit of sharing of things I’m doing and learning
    • I love to teach. Sharing my journey teaches other people too.
  • Create a habit of writing and publishing
    • Publishing is the notable change here. By publishing, I’m forced to articulate my thoughts in a way another person can understand it.
  • Optimize on producing, not on consuming

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