Working out everyday as a keystone habit

I have been consistently working out for more than 80 days because of stay-at-home orders. This has been the habit that had the most impact in the quality of my life.

Keystone habit

A keystone habit is a habit that you can “attach” other habits to. It’s one habit that triggers a set of other good habits.

For working out, what happens after I’m done are:

  1. I shower – because I stink
  2. I log my body composition (weight, body fat) – to track my progress, makes me a bit more aware with changes in my body
  3. I eat good food, drink a lot of water – to address what the body composition scale suggests to improve
  4. I take my vitamins

There’s this idea that the better you take care of yourself, the better you’ll handle life. With my body getting used to physical stress, it makes me better prepared to handle unexpected stressors that will inevitably come my way.

Recent personal milestones:

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