FBT Splitter has specific loss value per ratio

When I was procrastinating today, I was thinking on how I should plan my ODM (Optical Distribution Network). Doing a cascading style using FBT makes the most sense. Bali split lang with uneven ratio, then extend as needed.


Gusto ko rin ma-maximize yung 128 ONU per PON nung OLT ko.

One thing na hindi ko maintindihan is how to compute yung FBT split value. I tried plotting it out sa Excel, pero the math doesn’t check out.

Wrong computation

Ang mali ko pala, I’m treating yung FBT Splitter values as percentages. Kunwari I have 95/5 FBT splitter. I get yung 95% at 5% ng signal source.

It turns out, it’s a simple subtraction lang pala. Each FBT value has it’s own loss. For 95, it’s 0.4 loss. For 5, is 12.4.

Kung ang signal source ko a 7 dBm at gumamit ako ng 95/5 FBT splitter, ang signal strength ay 6.6 dBm for 95, -5.4 dBm for 5.

Source: https://netlinkict.com/blog/fbt-coupler-and-download-the-loss-chart-of-fbt-coupler/

Now that makes it easier to plan out. I’ll create a calculator sa Excel para masmadali.

Good resource: https://community.fs.com/blog/fbt-splitter-vs-plc-splitter.html

File I got from YouTube for reference:






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