Xpenology NVR – DVA3219 + GTX 1060 Works

I continued with my Xpenology Experiments when I remember that there was an NVR that’s using an older version of Nvidia GPU: DVA3219. It’s officially paired with GTX 1050Ti which is the same generation of the GPU I have in hand.

I checked if any of the bootloaders have support with DVA3219 platform, arpl-i18n does under experimental platforms.

I quickly tried it up again. The installation had no issues. It detected the GPU just like with DVA3221. But I’m still not sure if any AI tasks will work.

I installed Surveillance Station, added 1 IP camera and setup AI tasks.

Facial Recognition works!

Object Detection works!

Intrusion Detection and People Counting did not work though.

Another interesting thing is I can run up to 3 AI tasks at the same time. Having AI tasks enabled directly reflects in GPU utilization.

Power Consumption

No AI tasks~50w
Facial Recognition Only~100w
Object Detection Only~80w
Facial Recognition + Object Detection~100w

Running this machine 24/7 would roughly translates to around 700 pesos per month (@ 10 pesos/kw)

Where to use: CRYSTALDIN-NAS

It’s fun that I found a use for this GPU. I got it for free but I really have no use for it.

I have a server running at CRYSTALDRIN that has a free x16 PCIe port. It’s running Proxmox. I can set up a virtual DVA3219 with GPU Passthrough and have this up and running.

I still have reservation with the monthly cost. An alternative is to use a Intel-based GPU which would only use around 20w (80% less, around 144 pesos per month).

Let’s see!


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