Freelance Bootcamp

Lesson 1: Mindset

  1. Fear
    • Uncertainty (It’s ususally worst on the head)
    • It’s ok not to figure it out all
    • Breathe (inhale 3s, exhale 6s, close eyed)
    • Frame things in positive light to see more options (Psychology)
  2. Consistency
    • The only tactics that will work for you are those you do consistently
    • For feedback to know what works
  3. Pro
    • Treat freelancing as a business
    • Go about your work as a professional

Lesson 2: Have a great offer

  1. Focus on profit
    • Forget about perfection. Get feedback.
  2. Be specific with your offer
    • Describe what you do in one sentence
  3. Narrow
    • Narrow in to what you specifically do
    • Clients hire freelancers for their specific problems
    • Look for a niche
    • Narrow by: Geography, Demography, Income, Industry

Lesson 3: Developing portfolio

  1. Case studies of previous works done and clients that you have
    • 3 – 5 examples
    • Clients are busy
  2. Results
    • Providing results for real people, humans
    • Have testimonials (have faces)
  3. Work for free. Do 1-3 projects for free. Get better at your craft.

Lesson 4: Getting your first client

It changes everything

  1. Network
    • Come from people you already know
    • Inform that your services are available
  2. Benefits
    • Client doesn’t really care if you like your idea
    • They want solutions to their problems
    • They need to hear the benefits of working with you
    • Let’s say you design presentations
      • I can get you presentation at a reasonable price
      • They’re not looking for low-cost way to do it
      • “I deliver presentations on time every time when you don’t have time to do it”
      • This is the benefit they want
      • Focus on the benefit of the client
      • Target  to specific need

Lesson 5: Empathy mapping – understanding customers

  • Once you understand what your customer really wants
    • You can imagine how to craft what they need
  • They can imagine life with you as their freelancer
  • Ask yourself these questions
  • Who is the ideal person I want to work with?
  • What is her job?
  • Who surrounds her?
  • What types of pitches and offers does she see daily?
  • What types of problems does she encounter?
    • Understand the problems clients are facing
    • Clients hire people who could deliver solutions
  • Who influences her?
  • What is important to her?
  • What are her dreams and aspirations?
    • Can you help them get there?
    • If you can make that a reality, you’re going to be an easy hire
  • What are her biggest frustrations?
  • What stands in the way of what she wants to achieve?
  • How does she measure success?
    • What are they really looking for
  • What are some strategies that might help her achieve her goals?
  • If you can help answer any of these question and make like easier for customers that’s a powerful thing
  • How can you make it easier for them
  • The more you make it about them the more you’re going to have success as a freelancer

Lesson 6: Determine price / Pricing

  1. Baseline price _ Rate calculator _ Talk to other freelancer
  2. Price tiers _ Packages at different price levels _ Feel out what customers are willing to pay for _ Change customer mindset to pay you or not to what should I pay you _ Don’t make a decision for yourself
  3. Avoid hourly rates _ Start charging project _ Start charging per chunk (per 2 weeks, per month)

Lesson 7: Finding better clients

  • Excited working with you
  • They know what they want
  • They’ll pay you more, pay you more often
  1. Network
    • Network the right people
    • Reach out to another freelancer
    • People love talking about themselves
  2. Make you and your services easy to find
    • Build a website
    • SEO
    • LinkedIn

Lesson 8: Negotiation

  • Client usually don’t know the right rates to charge for a project
  1. It’s only asking questions
  2. It’s your responsibility
    • What the rate you’re going after
  3. “How much does it cost?”
    • Every project is unique, I tailor all my solutions to particular clients
    • into negotiations
  4. What’s your budget for this particular project?
  5. “Surprise”
    • If the budget is too low
  6. Fair
  • Silence is your friend

Lesson 9: Getting clients to say Yes to your freelance services

  1. Do the work for them
    • Every time there’s something to be done
  2. Read free report attached
  3. Example email

Lesson 10: Marketing

  1. Consistently
    • Do marketing consistently
    • Targeted
  2. One on one
    • Networking
    • Personal connection to individual who needs your services / bring business
    • Meeting in-person
    • Take someone to lunch
    • Do whatever works for you that you can be consistent on
  3. Online
    • Social media
    • Email list

Lesson 11: Legal Stuff

  1. Business Checking account
  2. Taxes
  3. Insurance

Lesson 12: Referrals

  1. Partners
    • Senders
    • Access
    • Networking
    • Reach out to partners by — focus sa benefits nila / mutual benefit
    • Reciprocity
  2. Customers
    • Timing
    • After project ask for introduction
    • Network
    • Wording
    • Don’t use jargons
    • Buying phrases
    • Phrases buyers use

Lesson 13: Raising Rate

  • Emotional issue
    • If I raise my rate my client will go away, I’m not worth that much
    • Raising rates is natural part of business
  1. Just raise it
    • You can always go back
  2. Price Tiers
  3. Schedule
    • After 5 clients, etc
  4. Value
    • Based on value you provide to clients
    • Develop better portfolio
    • Focus on results delivering
    • Value will be just an after thought

Lesson 14: Basic principles of freelancing

  1. Get a freelance mentor
    • Accountable
    • Wisdom and experience
    • Guide towards success
    • How to get a mentor
    • Be comfortable of networking
    • Be comfortable of critics
    • Feedback

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Watched on: April 2014

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