Stretching, Rewiring, and Growing Geometrically

Overlapping of time and schema

Using one thing to learn another thing

Almost everything I did, I did part-time. Overlapping them.

Taking the first step

  • I noticed so many people talk about doing things but don’t actually take the first step
  • They don’t make that phone call and make an appointment
  • Let’s say you want to learn to fly, nobody goes down and make an appointment at a flight school
  • That’s what they don’t do. They don’t go down there and meet with somebody that kick start the whole thing

Sit there and watch other people and ask the right questions. And before you know it you start getting the method.

Exposure lead to a lot interest, interests lead to a lot of desire, after getting answers I would start integrating those answers

It’s not if you doing the 12 things, it’s how much you’re doing them. It’s how consistently you’re doing them.

The 3 real drivers:

  1. Desire / Interest
  2. Ability to learn
  3. Support of other people

It’s not that we’re not interested, we’re interested sometimes.

How do we get insanely interested? If you know yourself and you figure out what your real motivations are If you really know what you like

Once you’re really excited and interested in something, interests releases energy

The first way to build desire is to find out what you’re interested in, and try to set that up

Try to do things that are aligned with your interest

How can I ramp up the interest?

  • Hang around people who are passionate about things
  • Their excitements gonna rub off on you
  • It’s so easy to get excited when everybody around you is getting excited

Notes from Jason Randal: Stretching, Rewiring & Growing Geometrically.

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