Philippine-based VPS

When I learned the term about multihoming, I revisited my interest again to have a VPS to setup as a VPN for my network.

I wanted it to be hosted in the Philippines because of latency. Major hosting providers uses Singapore or Hong Kong to cater the PH market. But the latency is just too high at around 30ms.

I found one in LightNode. The cost is reasonable too for $7.7 USD/month.

The drawback is it looks to be limited to 100mbps only. Which is still reasonable.

Checking the hops, it looks like they are hosted within PLDT’s data center:

This is why the latency is at a very good range of 7ms. It does hop at one NAT which I think adds the 2ms. Overall this is good.

I’m going ahead and continue to use this and integrate it with my home network setup.

Next step is to understand multihoming.


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