Attempted to make XFX RX 460 work on a macOS KVM

For the past couple of days (when I’m procrastinating), I’ve been attempting to make an XFX RX 460 to to work as a GPU Passthrough on a macOS KVM.

Ready-made macOS VM

Flashing a different bios

# Display all adaptors detected
./amdvbflash -ai

# Get info about the rom file
./amdvbflash -biosfileinfo vbios.rom

# Save bios
./amdvbflash -s 0 original_rom

# Force flash a rom
./amdvbflash -f -p 0 ./original_rom

Where to get bios rom files

How to know which BIOS are compatible

Run GPU-Z. Take note of the memory type and size.

Setting Proxmox to use a rom file

Where are the rom files located


How to use the romfile

vi /etc/pve/qemu

Add romfile=romfilename.rom to hostpci0

Giving up

I think I’ve tried almost all BIOS compatible with my graphics card. I was not able to make it work.

Too much time has been spent. I could have bought a fully compatible one for if I worked for the same amount of time I spent on this.

It was a good try, but I need to cut my losses (of time).


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